The Granite State Woodland Institute (GSWI) is the public education arm of the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association.

In 2014, the GSWI, in partnership with Plymouth State University, quantified the direct, indirect, and induced economic activity that timber harvesting contributes to the New Hampshire economy. With this data, the GSWI showed policymakers, elected officials, and the general public the dollars and cents behind all the work we do as NHTOA members growing, managing, harvesting, and processing trees. (To download the report, click here.) 

The GSWI also benefits from the Annual Fund that supports, in part, the NHTOA. As the population of New Hampshire becomes more urbanized and less connected with the sources of their food, fiber, lumber, and power, the need for more education on the value of working forests also grows.

Granite State Woodland Institute 2018 Directors:

  • Robert J. Berti, president
  • Bradford Cook, secretary
  • F. Colin Cabot
  • Harold Cook
  • Ann Davis
  • Jim Graham
  • Peter Howland
  • Michael O‚ÄôLeary 
  • Isobel Parke
  • Marcella Perry
  • Ned Therrien