NHTOA & NHTHC Merchandise NHTOA Order Form

Please call the office at (603) 224-9699 with any questions.


NHTOA Centennial Book, New Hampshire’s Forest, New Hampshire’s People 

$20.00, includes shipping. files/docs/CentennialBookOrderForm.pdf


First Aid Kit


First Aid Kit: $100 per kit



The NHTOA Sign is available to all NHTOA members and includes a customized lettering of the name of your tree farm, forest, or family. Price: $25 per sign. files/docs/NHTOASignLetteringOrderForm.pdf




Jot down those important figures with the NHTOA Carpenter’s Pencil:

$1 each.



The NHTOA Hat will tell everyone that you support good work in New Hampshire's forests. 
NHTOA Hats (adjustable for size):

  • NHTOA Blaze Orange Hat: $15

  • NH Timber Harvesting Council Blaze Orange Hat: $15

  • NH Timber Harvesting Council Camouflage Hat: $15