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Although a small state geographically, when it comes to the quality, professionalism, and ability to manage timberland, transport/process forest products, and commitment to forest stewardship, New Hampshire is huge. For over 40 years the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association’s Awards Program has recognized this professionalism and commitment. Below is a list of the different awards the NHTOA grants to recognize the individuals and businesses who make the Granite State such a special place to live and work. Nominations are accepted between October and January 1 each year. To see the nomination criteria and process follow the link below.

NH Outstanding Logger Award

Recognizes superior performance of a single or multi-crew independent contractor. The recipient of this award will be New Hampshire’s nominee for the Northeastern Loggers Association’s Outstanding Logging Operator Award and the Forest Resources Association’s Outstanding Logging Contractor Award.

NH Outstanding Forest Industry Award

Recognizes superior business management, efficiency, and productivity, and the quality and marketing of a New Hampshire-based industry: sawmill, wood energy, secondary manufacturer, pulp, and paper, etc.

Isobel Parke Outstanding Woman
Timberland Owner & Forest Products Industry Award

Recognizes a woman for inspiring people, especially other women, to become engaged and involved in timberland ownership/management and the forest products industry.

NH Outstanding Forest Products Trucker Award

Recognizes the trucking business owner or individual trucker who has been in the forest products trucking business or trucking forest products for at least 5 years and who demonstrates safe, responsible and efficient transportation of any type of forest product.

The President’s Award

Recognizes outstanding work in various categories such as media, legislation, education, membership promotion and recruitment, service to community, service to industry, or cooperation/collaboration between organizations. When appropriate, the recipient of this award will be nominated for the Forest Resources Association’s Forestry Activist Award.

The Kendall Norcott Award

Recognizes a person for service and dedication to the organization well beyond board or committee work.