Coalition of landowners, forest industry professionals, government officials, and supporters
54 Portsmouth Street, Concord NH

Nominations are accepted between October and January 1 each year

It’s easy to submit a nomination:

  1. Tell us in three or four sentences why you think your nominee should receive the award.
  2. List two or three examples of the candidate’s professionalism. For a logger, this could include safety on the job,
    regulatory compliance, or good relationships with landowners and foresters. For a manufacturer, this could include
    plant safety, regulatory compliance, products of exceptional quality, or innovation.
  3. Provide contact information about your nominee including: name, name of company, address (office and cell
    phone), and e-mail address.
  4. Please also include your name and contact information with your submission.
  5. The actual submission is easy, and you have three options:
    • To submit your nomination by e-mail:
      Type “NHTOA Award Nomination” in the subject line and send it to
    • To submit your nomination via fax: Put NHTOA Award Nomination on your cover sheet and send it via: (603) 225-5898
    • To submit your nomination through the U.S. Postal Service, send it to:
      NHTOA Awards Committee c/o Jasen Stock
      54 Portsmouth St.
      Concord, NH 03301

Nominees for the Outstanding Logger, Outstanding Trucker, and Outstanding Industry awards will be
reviewed by the NHTOA Awards Committee and approved by a vote of the NHTOA Board of Directors.
Nominees for the President’s Award, Kendall Norcott Award, and Isobel Parke Outstanding Woman
Timberland Owner & Forest Products Industry Award will be reviewed and approved by a vote of the NHTOA Board of Directors.

If you have any questions about nominating someone for one of these important awards, don’t hesitate to contact
the NHTOA office at (603) 224-9699.

Award winners will be honored at the NHTOA Annual Meeting and recognized at the Annual Loggers and Truckers Convention