LOUDON – The annual meeting of the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association
(NHTOA) was held on June 3 at Star Lake Farm in Springfield, N.H. Each year part of the
program includes recognizing noteworthy timberland owners and members of the forest products
community. This year’s Outstanding Forest Products Trucker Award went to David Moody
Trucking LLC of Loudon.

David Moody has had his own trucking company for 35 years. When he was growing up in
Loudon, his parents owned a sawmill and his father worked for Colby Lumber in Boscawen,
where David later joined him.

At one time he built his company fleet up to 12 trucks, but about 10 years ago he got tired of
managing his personnel and pared back to himself. He focuses exclusively on hauling for the
forest products industry.

He has seen many changes over the years. Government regulations keep changing and so does
their enforcement. He can also remember when diesel was 58 cents a gallon and now of course it
is hovering close to $4.50. Like a lot of other people, he is worried about the low-end market.
“Every tree has got low-grade wood in it,” he said. “If we lose the low-end market, we’re all going
to suffer.” He hauls all over New Hampshire and southern Maine.

NHTOA executive director Jasen Stock presented the award and explained that it recognizes a
critical link in the forest products community. “A forester and logger can do the best timber
harvest, but if there aren’t any trucks or truck drivers around to move the timber to the mill they
are in trouble. Likewise, a saw or paper mill can make the perfect lumber or paper, but if they
can’t get it to market, they are in trouble. Dave Moody is part of this link, and he does it well.”

Cutline: David Moody has owned his own trucking company for 35 years. He focuses exclusively
on hauling for the forest products industry.