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Your gift to the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association promotes private and public working forests, responsible forest management, and a strong forest products industry.  We strive to conserve New Hampshire’s working forests for future generations through public and industry education, legislative advocacy, outreach, and cooperation within the forest community.



Gifts to New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association, a 501(c)6 organization, are not tax-deductible since our members lobby to support timber owners and industry.  You may make a tax-deductible gift to NHTOA’s non profit fundraising arm, Granite State Woodlands Instituet, a 501(c)3 organization, to support education, research, training and policy analysis on behalf of the forest industry.


Don’t want to give online? Call our office directly at 603-224-9699 to donate over the phone. Thank you for your generosity.