Coalition of landowners, forest industry professionals, government officials, and supporters
54 Portsmouth Street, Concord NH


October 17, 2023     8:00 am - 3:00 pm


2655 N. Littleton Road, Littleton, NH, 03561

Course Content:
Review of chainsaw care, maintenance, and safety features. Proper starting and operation. Demonstration of cutting techniques. Instructors will discuss and demonstrate handling difficult felling situations, leaners, hazard trees, operating around power lines, and using mechanized equipment to get trees down or process wind falls. Hands-on practice felling trees in difficult situations while practicing safe preparation of area around trees to be felled, removing hazards, gauging direction of lean, where the weight of the tree lies, wind direction, and planning escape routes. This class will be held on an active logging operation.

Location Update:
2655 North Littleton Rd
Littleton, NH 03561