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NH Timber Harvesting Law - ONLINE ONLY


February 1, 2024 - June 1, 2024     All Day

Course Content:
An online presentation on the New Hampshire’s Timber Harvesting Laws, Wetland Regulations, and the use of Best Management Practices.

The modules will cover:
Timber Tax Law – The specific rules and process regarding the Intent and Report of Cut forms as required, plus other valuable information from the N.H. Department of Revenue Administration.

Timber Harvesting Law – Forest Rangers will explain N.H.’s timber harvesting laws, including the details of slash and basal area laws, the timber trespass and deceptive forest practices laws.

Wetlands Regulations – Representatives from the N.H. Wetlands Bureau will present information including wetlands identification and the procedure and requirements for preparing the Minimum Impact Notification form. Best Management Practices will also be covered.

Online Event Instructions:
Links to recordings and will be emailed upon registration. This is an online course with a self-paced series of recorded modules participants must watch and answer questions about.