At this point in our campaign to overturn Gov. Sununu’s vetoes of SB 365 and SB 446, letters to the editor (LTEs) are very important. The more letters, the more impact the messages will have.

Here are some tips for writing effective LTEs:


* Keep your letter brief and to the point. Try to keep the letter to no more than 200 words, 300 words at the absolute maximum. That’s enough words to make one, maybe two good points effectively.


* Do no rant. Do not insult. Do not make the Governor sound stupid. Make your message positive to the greatest extent possible. On the SB 365 and SB 446 vetoes, describe the benefits (economic, recreational, social, etc.) your local community will lose if the vetoes are not overturned.


* Write the letter so it’s specific to you and your situation. LTEs that sound mass-produced don’t get much attention and persuade no one.


* Send your LTE to your local newspaper and to the Union Leader in Manchester (which is considered a statewide newspaper). Go to your newspaper’s website for specific directions on how to submit an LTE; instructions vary from publication to publication. Note whether there’s a word limit. 


* There is an LTE template in the Veto Overturn Tool Kit. Call the NHTOA office if you don’t yet have a Tool Kit. If you’d like assistance in composing you LTE, contact NHTOA’s director of communication, Steve Bjerklie, at He’ll be glad to help!