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To read the testimony that Jasen Stock, the NHTOA's executive director, presented today (Feb. 14, 2017) to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committe on Senate Bill 129, click here.

If passed, SB 129 shores up support for New Hampshire's biomass power plants. Facing historically low wholesale electricity prices, and with Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) laws in adjacent states phasing out the eligibility of New Hampshire biomass plants, SB 129 seeks to bolster the Class III (existing biomass power plants) portion of New Hampshire’s RPS. This will enable the state’s six independent biomass power plants to continue operations.


The NHTOA is a non-profit statewide coalition of landowners, forest industry professionals, government officials, and supporters who work together to promote better forest management, conserve our working forests, and ensure a strong forest products industry.

We strive to conserve New Hampshire’s working forests for future generations through public and industry education, legislative advocacy, outreach, and cooperation within the forest community.

Suggestions on how to improve the NHTOA website? Comments? Questions? Issues? Need information? Please contact the office at (603) 224-9699.

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