The meeting on Thursday evening, July 12, to discuss strategies and plans to overturn Gov. Sununu’s irresponsible vetoes of Senate bills 365 and 446 will be held at Michael Sharp Enterprises, 1 Meadow Brook Road, Bridgewater, N.H. Meadow Brook Road is just off of State Highway 3A; Mike’s garage and equipment yard abut the highway. The meeting will be held inside the garage from 6 to 8 p.m. 

The meeting’s agenda:


July 12th

Michael Sharp Enterprises, Bridgewater, NH



I.          Welcome & Introductions – Jasen

– Purpose of meeting

– Note any elected officials in the room


II.         SB 365 & SB 446 Background

–          What the bills do and how they affect timber/forestry

–          Governor’s veto

–          Impact of Veto

§  Need impact data sent to NHTOA daily (can be kept confidential)


III.       SB 365 and SB 446 Veto Override Campaign

–          Objective

–          Timing (veto vote)


III.       General Strategy for Override

–          Grassroots – individual contacts & meetings

–          PR – keeping our story in the press

–          Coalition- Building

–          Working with legislative allies on debate for House and Senate vote.


IV.       What do we need from you?

–          Grassroots (employees, family members, friends, vendors)

§  Petition drive

§  Calls/contact Legislators

§  Feedback from calls/contact is KEY – what are you hearing?

§  Who is with us in overturning the vetoes

§  Who isn’t with us and why

§  Attend events

§  July 16, 10 am – Tamworth Power Plant tour

§  July 30, 1pm – Springfield Power Plant tour

§  TBD — Bethlehem Power Plant tour

§  Keep Positive!!


V.        Final Words & Q & A   – Tom Thomson