Coalition of landowners, forest industry professionals, government officials, and supporters
54 Portsmouth Street, Concord NH

New Hampshire is 83 percent forested with 72 percent of that owned privately. These private owners include family tree farms, companies that manufacture forest products, and institutional owners such as real estate investment trusts. The New Hampshire Timberland Owners membership includes all of these groups, and some public landowners, such as town forests. Although individual landowner goals and objectives vary overall, the state’s forests are sustainably managed with statewide tree growth exceeding removals (i.e., harvested) and mortality on a 1.9 to 1.0 ratio.  

The NHTOA conservatively estimates our timberland owner and timberland manager members manage over 1 million acres of forestland in all 10 New Hampshire counites and in adjoining states. All these owners and managers benefit from the advocacy work the NHTOA does on their behalf at the state and local level of government, and through educational classes and workshops they host, and via our outreach to the public.