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This 12-week introductory course (online and in the field) is designed for absolute beginner birders with no previous birding experience, more experienced birders who want to tune up their birding skills, and anyone interested in learning more about bird ecology and the habitat needs of different bird species. 

Course Format

Through a combination of online and field-based instruction you will learn the most effective tips for identifying 60 species of songbirds and songbird-like birds (e.g., woodpeckers) you are most likely to encounter in southern and central New Hampshire.

  • Weekly Online Lessons include a combination of audio and video lessons that you complete on your own schedule. Weekly lessons will introduce you to 3-6 new bird species and will require an average of 1-2 hours of time to complete each week.
  • Optional Field-Based Lessons provide you many opportunities to practice identifying birds in their habitat with an instructor who will point out specific features to look and listen for. Weekly field trips will be offered at different times of the day and days of the week in central and southern NH.

For more information go to the UNH Extension site.

July 19-22, 2022


  • Tours combine math, science, technology, language arts and social studies with current information about forest practices, up-to-date technology, and careers.
  • A stimulating time with interesting people, learning about New Hampshire forests and ways to engage students in learning about forest ecosystems and management.
  • Preference will be given to two-teacher teams from the same school/district in case of over-subscription.
  • Project Learning Tree’s (PLT) nationally acclaimed pre-K through high school environmental education curriculum is the framework for learning more about the importance of New Hampshire’s forests.
  • Teachers will experience award winning Project Learning Tree activities with links to the STEM and the NGSS that can be incorporated into the curricula with K-12 students.
  • Each participant will be certified as a Project Learning Tree teacher and be eligible for certification of 30 contact hours.
  • Cost to teachers is $150 with the remaining value of the tour of over $500 covered by NHTOA and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This includes overnight accommodations, air-conditioned coach travel, meals, beverages, and educational materials to take back to the classroom.


Participants can look forward to connecting with expert natural resource professionals, networking, and spending time in New Hampshire forests. Experience rustic,charming, shared accommodations in recently remodeled cabins, with simple, delicious catered meals provided.


Our tour will be based at the Bear Hill Cabins at Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown, NH. The tour will focus on long-term sustainable management of New Hampshire forests. We will visit nearby logging operations, and sawmills, and will have opportunities to discuss field operations and multiple use management considerations with foresters, wildlife biologists, and other natural resource professionals.


“This was a fantastic week! The activities and setting were amazing!”

“The sawmill was so cool! Loved watching them make a tree into boards."

“I’ve been blown away all week!”

“Carbon storage and sequestration is something we can do! The most successful forests are the ones that are the most diverse.”

“This was the best PD I’ve ever been a part of. I feel like you thought of everything!"

“I learned a clearcut can be a positive thing.”

“I keep telling anyone who will listen about the tour.”