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Bruce Bovill

Bruce Bovill addresses the 2022 Loggers & Truckers Convention at the Town and Country Resort in Shelburne, NH. Bovill is a member of the NHTOA board and chair of the NHTHC.


The objectives of the New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Council (NHTHC) are to promote a better public understanding of timber harvesting while improving the lives and livelihood of professional loggers and forest product truckers. 

The THC is administered by the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association, the University of New Hampshire Thompson School of Applied Science (TSAS) and the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension (UNH).

The NHTOA serves as the legislative advocate on all THC policy issues.  The THC Board advises the NHTOA on policy matters pertaining to the interests of their members.

There are four meetings a year, scheduled at the first meeting of the year.  An annual convention is held in the late fall or early winter.


Recertified professional loggers smaller

These loggers completed the required coursework in the Professional Loggers Program in 2022 and were re-certified. (From the left to right) Marty Driscoll of Lancaster, Jake Bronnenberg of Loudon, Craig Birch of Hollis, Matt Magoon of Loudon, Errol Peters of Landaff, and Michael Sharp of Bridgewater.

Professional Loggers Program (PLP)

The New Hampshire Professional Logger Program is a voluntary education and certification program. It was developed by loggers for loggers.

This program is run by the N.H. Timber Harvesting Council and is co-sponsored by the NHTOA, UNH Cooperative Extension, UNH Thompson School, U.S. Forest Service, N.H. Division of Forest and Lands, and the N.H. Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s state implementation committee. ((can you include the links to these organization’s website?)). This program’s objectives are,

  1. To provide consistent standards of training within New Hampshire’s timber harvesting and trucking industry.
  2. To conduct training programs that benefit loggers by improving work efficiency, safety, and environmental awareness.
  3. To provide public and professional recognition for loggers who complete training programs.
  4. To improve awareness of and compliance with of timber harvesting and wetlands laws and regulations.

Any person gainfully employed in the harvesting of timber, including manual or mechanical felling, limbing, bucking, skidding, trucking, or chipping can apply for certification. For more information about the certification requirements go to Personal Log Book.



02 2023 DC Trip


(Washington, D.C.; March 2023) - NHTOA Executive Director Jasen Stock just wrapped a DC trip, flying with NHTHC president and NHTOA board member Bruce and NHTHC board member Matt Magoon. This was part of the American Loggers Council annual meeting and DC fly-in. We met with all offices of the N.H. Congressional delegation, including personal visits with Congressman Chris Pappas and Congresswoman Annie Kuster. We discuss a wide range of issues affecting timber harvesting, wood processing, and landowners. They included, Endangered Species Act, workforce and trucking shortages, Farm Bill priorities for New Hampshire's forestry community, and the importance of maintaining an active forest management program on the White Mountain National Forest.


Current Active Members

Voting members

Bruce Bovill, Chair
Only votes in the event of a tie - expires October 2023

David Bovill, Logger
Serving 1st term - expires October 2023

Jake Bronnenberg, Logger/Forester
Serving 2nd term expires - October 2023

Rocky Bunnell, Logger
“For Life” (October 2023)

Heath Bunnell, Logger
Serving 1st term expires October 2023

Marlo Herrick
Serving 1st term expires October 2023

Matt Magoon, ex-officio (immediate past chair)
Expires 2023

Errol Peters. Logger, Trucker
Voting - “For Life” (October 2023)

Fred Weld, Logger
Voting - “For Life” (October 2023)

Non-voting members

Ross Caron – Industry
Serving 1st term - expires October 2023

Ray Berthiaume, Forester

Peter Howland, At Large

Jon Martin – Forester Central
1st term expires October 2022 (Term start retroactive to Oct. 2019)

Steve Patten – Industry
1st term expires October 2022 (Term start retroactive to Oct. 2019)

Mike Simmons, Co-sponsor
UNH Thompson School Representative

Andy Fast, Co-sponsor
UNH Cooperative Extension, Industry Specialist

Jim Frohn, Co-sponsor
UNH Cooperative Extension, Forestry Field Specialist

Jasen Stock – NHTOA

Cheri Birch – NHTOA