Two new studies, one by Innovative Natural Resources Solutions LLC and the second by Plymouth State University, underscore the high value private timberland ownership brings to the New Hampshire economy. According to these studies, privately owned working lands annually contribute $1,282 per acre in recreation value and $384 per acre in timber value for a total value of $1,666 per acre and $4.43 billion in total estimated economic value on a statewide basis. Public (federal, state/local) lands annually contribute $508 per acre and $1,458 per acre, respectively for total value including recreation and timber value. 

“These new studies of working lands highlight the tremendous importance of our privately owned timberlands to the state’s economy,” said Jasen Stock, executive director of the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association, which commissioned the two studies. “Forests define New Hampshire not just aesthetically, but, as these studies prove, economically and for recreation as well. Good policies to protect private land ownership and maintain markets for the timber these lands grow are crucial to the overall health of our state.”

Other facts from the studies:

  • Total direct value of recreation on privately owned N.H. timberlands is $1.8 billion.
  • Total direct timber value from privately owned N.H. timberlands is $0.8 billion.
  • Total taxes paid by timberland owners was $263 million in 2017.

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