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The New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association, NH Farm Bureau Federation, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, and S.P.A.C.E. are jointly conducting a survey of current use landowners regarding the State of New Hampshire’s Current Use program.

The consulting firm selected to conduct the survey is Pan Atlantic Research of Portland, Maine, a highly experienced market research and consulting firm with significant experience in the natural resource related sector. Information gathered will be used to advocate for the Current Use program in New Hampshire.

We strongly encourage you to participate in this important project if you own current use land. Your inputs will be an invaluable tool for policy development and support of the Current Use Program.

If you wish to use the online link to participate, go to: https://www.research.net/r/NHCurrentUse

A print version of the survey is included in the Spring 2021 edition of The Timber Crier. If you'd like to receive a printed survey, please contact the NHTOA office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (603) 224-9699.

Note: Because this survey is being distributed by multiple organizations and also through direct solicitation to a sample of current use landowners, you may receive multiple copies of the survey online or by mail. Please only fill out the survey once. Additionally, this survey is intended for current use landowners only. Please only fill out the survey if you currently have land in New Hampshire’s Current Use program.

Thank you so much for your participation!

Wondering what the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association has been up to in the past year? Interested in any particular area of effort (advocacy, education, communications, etc.)? Check out the 2020 Strategic Plan Progress Report by clicking here

The report details all of the NHTOA's activities over the past year. It was an active (if rather unusual) year, too. Your association made several adjustments to accommodate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to represent your interests in the state capitol, at regulatory agencies, and in town halls. We also held several landowner workshops under social-distancing protocols, conducted a slate of Professional Logger Program classes, and maintained our busy publication schedule.  

Planning is now in the works for a full agenda for 2021.


On December 21, 2020, the NHTOA Board of Directors approved a five-to-seven year Strategic Framework. This document is a product of the NHTOA Board of Directors and the Granite State Woodland Institute Board of Directors.

A Strategic Framework functions like a traditional Strategic Plan, setting and prioritizing goals for the organizations, and by extension its membership.

The approved Strategic Framework has five goals:

1. Foster a legal and regulatory environment that supports and enhances timberland ownership, timberland management, and a thriving forest industry.

2. Advance professionalism, safe practices, sustainable forestry, efficiency, and productivity throughout the forest industry.

3. Provide responsive and high-quality support and service to members.

4. Promote the value of working forests and responsible forest management.

5. Ensure the financial and organizational vitality of the NHTOA through increased fundraising and membership, staff development, and attentive governance.

To read the full Strategic Framework document, click on the link below:

2020 NHTOA Strategic Framework


Congratulations to Patrick Hackley, who the New Hampshire Executive Council confirmed today as the next New Hampshire State Forester. Patrick, who was nominated for the position by Gov. Sununu, succeeds Brad Simpkin, who transferred to the U.S. Forest Service earlier this year.

Patrick brings a wealth of experience to the post, and for that reason his nomination was supported by the NHTOA. For private timberland owners and the forest products industry, the State Forester position is the most important position in state government. Most recently, Patrick was associate director for land conservation for the New Hampshire chapter of the Nature Conservancy. Prior to that he was a timberland broker for Fountains Land and a forester for the Forest Resources Association. From 1993 to 1999 he was communications director at the NHTOA.

Thank you to the members of Executive Council for confirming this nomination. The NHTOA suggests that members call or email their member of the Executive Council to thank them for their vote to confirm.

Click here for a document listing current Council members and the towns in the districts they represent as well as contact information for each Councilor.