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Portable sawmill services provide New Hampshire residents a unique opportunity to connect with local forest products. Whether that is wood harvested from their own land that is being used to build a home, custom hardwood slabs for a living room table, or softwood lumber for a chicken coop, there is an intimacy that clients can access that is often missing from other lumber buying experiences.

This portable sawmill directory provides a listing of known portable sawmill services in the state of New Hampshire that wished to be listed at the time of publication.

Services, prices, sawing consistency and efficiency, experience and other attributes vary among portable sawmill service contractors. The information provided in this publication is largely based on public information and feedback provided by those who are listed. Listing in this publication is not an endorsement of any of the individuals or businesses herein, and it is important for those seeking a contractor to do due diligence prior to working with any portable sawmill service.

Those seeking contracted services and providers of those services should have a written agreement identifying the services provided, prices paid, and other provisions that are important to either or both parties such as proof of insurance.

In some cases, local code enforcement officials may want assurance that locally produced lumber meets an appropriate grade for building. The New Hampshire Native Lumber Law allows mills to certify that lumber produced is equal to or greater than No. 2 grade (American Softwood Standard) once the mill has successfully completed the NH Native Lumber Law program.

For more information on the NH Native Lumber Law, visit

We hope you find this directory useful and enjoy the projects – small or large – that are before you.