A rally to overturn Gov. Sununu’s misinformed and misguided vetoes of Senate bills 365 and 446 will be held on the State House plaza in Concord, N.H., on Sept. 6, 2018, beginning at 10 a.m. Speakers and a press conference will follow at 11 a.m., with lunch after.


Senate bills 365 and 446, both of which were passed by the N.H. legislature with overwhelming bipartisan majorities, are crucial for the survival of hundreds of jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars of economic contribution to the N.H. economy, and the health of our state’s extensive forests. The bills give critical support to the biomass energy sector.


The Governor claims that he vetoed the bills because they would increase energy rates for N.H. residents and businesses. This is nonsense. There is a much greater cost to residents, businesses, and the state if biomass energy and all its associated jobs and economic contribution disappear as a result of the vetoes.


Overturning the vetoes requires a two-thirds majority of both chambers of the legislature (House and Senate) of the representatives and senators present for the vote. The vote will be taken on Sept. 13.


On Sept. 6 in downtown Concord, please join the NHTOA and all those who support healthy forests, the $1.4 billion N.H. timber industry, and thousands of landowners who want to sustainably manage their woodlands for forest health.