Stating that the six independent biomass energy plants in New Hampshire are at risk for continued operation as a result of foot-dragging by Eversource, a letter sent by several state senators and representatives urges the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to implement Senate Bill 365. The bill was passed last year by an overwhelming bipartisan majority, and requires Eversource to purchase the energy output of the six biomass plants. A gubernatorial veto of SB 365 was overridden last fall by a two-thirds vote of both the House and Senate.  

The letter states that “the law is clear — Eversource is to select the proposals submitted to it by the biomass plants that conform to the law and submit them to the commission. This has not occurred and the continued operation of these facilities is at risk and the General Court’s important public interest determinations remain unfulfilled.”

The letter, which is addressed to Martin Honigberg, chairman of the PUC, and the members of the commission, adds: “The continued operation of these facilities depends on the expeditious implementation of SB 365. We urge you to take the action needed to implement that law and fulfill the General Court’s public interest determination.”  

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