Women Landowner Summit   March 8, 2024
Panelists Rachel Dandeneau, Meg Herndon, Colleen O’Neill, Linda Brownson; photo credit: Cheri Birch

What a terrific day we all had last Friday at the first Women’s Landowner Summit! We were so pleased to be able to meet so many, but more importantly to be able to gather together, collaborate and learn. It was serendipitous that we happened to meet on International Women’s Day!   The New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association (NHTOA) was proud to be a co-sponsor of the event. The NHTOA, a non-profit organization which was founded in 1911.  It works diligently to ensure the future of New Hampshire’s working forests through legislative advocacy, outreach, education, and cooperation within the forest community.     “We are strong, we are smart, and we are here!”   Colleen O’Neill NHTOA Board Member  
Welcome from Haley Andreozzi, UNH Cooperative Extension; photo credit: Cheri Birch
Representing NHTOA on the Landowner Panel were two of our Board Members, Linda Brownson and Colleen O’Neill. NHTOA Program Director Cheri Birch assisted in event planning and led the “Getting to Know Your Land” seminar with Wendy Scribner, Carroll County Forester. During their Landowner Panel discussion, Linda and Colleen mentioned what an honor it was to be asked to participate and to speak about their experiences owning and managing woodlots.  While their landowner experiences were different, they discussed the importance of learning more about forestry. Each of them took classes through the NHTOA and University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. It was through the classes that they learned more about NHTOA and the work it does on behalf of landowners.     By becoming a member of the NHTOA, we can stay informed about issues relating to forestry and have our voice in Concord. The NHTOA also provides a chance to meet folks in the forestry world, landowners and professionals and people who love the land and love being outside. Another benefit is participating in walks and talks to see what other woodland owners and tree farms are doing.   Again, we want to thank you for your interest and participation in the Women Landowner Summit! To learn more about the NHTOA, educational opportunities, advocacy, outreach or membership, visit the website at NHTOA.org.
Women in the Woods is a collaboration between UNH Cooperative Extension, NH Timberland Owners Association, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, and other partners aimed at connecting women forest landowners, managers, and stewards with the resources, skills, and community they need to make informed stewardship decisions that promote healthy forest resources. Funding for this program provided by a Landscape Scale Restoration Grant, U.S. Forest Service.