Fundamentals of Forestry - Hillsborough (in person)

Starting on April 18, 2023 08:00

Course Content: 

This workshop will give loggers a better understanding of forest management and appropriate applications of silviculture.  Course content includes discussion/powerpoints on historical events, current status of New Hampshire forests, Silvicultural principles of New England, Forest types, landowner goals and objectives, tree growth/maturity/vigor, forest regeneration, wildlife habitat, harvesting systems,  and loggers function in silviculture. 

Field Sessions will include: Log scaling demonstration, Log product selection, observation of log defects and prioritizing the most profitable log product, Silvicultural field walk, discussion of management objectives, BMPS, and wildlife habitat.


Steve Roberge, Michael Gagnon, George Davenport (Hillsborough)

PLP Credits: 8

SAF CEU: 6.5 CAT 2